Deeper thoughts

Stepping into the designer shoes and designing prototypes were the main catches of week 3. The reading articles and TEDx talks presented great insights on the purposes and objectives of prototypes. It is really important to completely understand the need of a person in a particular environment; like the sitting arrangement inside an airplane, and venture to make something innovative that satisfies the need.  Understanding the user experience allows a designer to look into the tiny details of user requirement and prototype designs accordingly. Similar assignments were expected in class, where I attempted to make a very simple prototype for an older woman with my learning community. Considering that she has a problem with getting up and sitting down, me with my learning community tried to conceptualize an apparel that might be a good suit for her. But above all, the GERT suit activity was amazing. It was really an amazing experience regarding how older adults face difficulties in vision, hearing and usual movements. Even being a young person, it was way too uncomfortable and difficult for me to walk with the weights on, having artificial vision problem with goggles etc. The activity allowed me to look deeper into the older people’s life. Eventually, I attempted to look for some viable designs that might be of proper use to them.

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