Helping Better the Future

In Tim Brown’s reading this week I felt as though there were many takeaways.  I like the idea that he stated about “Designing for people, not for profit”.  This stood out to me because I know in today’s society, we as the up and coming generation are focused on how much money we need to make in order to fulfill the lifestyle that we have grown accustomed to.  The beginning of the article caught my attention when he talked about how going to Africa was not his first choice, but that is where he ended up staying for years.  The idea of creating technology that they can use there was interesting to me as well because they are nowhere near us when it comes to the “want and need” for the latest greatest thing.  They spent their time trying to come up with a technology that used locally sourced goods that were cheap, simple and easy to repair.  All in all, I found this article to be really inspiring because sometimes it is better to think of the bigger picture as opposed to thinking about the wants of now.

Design activism was interesting to me.  I felt as though I could compare it to universal design when it comes to my field.  I think that we have to be active about design to meet the needs of multiple people, especially since I want to work in the commercial field.  To me this is seeing a problem and being active in creating a solution for it that will benefit more than one person.  Active design is creating a space for someone to be active in.  this promotes a healthy living opportunity.

A library comes to mind when thinking of human capital.  To me it is a place to gain knowledge as it is quiet and provides many resources that can’t be found many other places, including the internet.  I know that this seems odd as libraries are thought to be of the dying breed when you think about places to learn, but I think that they are changing and adapting to the new technology.  I also think that a good physical book is valuable to everyone at times.

One problem that comes to mind is elderly care.  I am a believer in the idea that we, as the young generation need to do something to improve the care for elderly adults.  I watched my grandmother age, and my mother try to care for her at home because healthcare was not good at most of the facilities that we visited.  This was shocking to me because I feel as though this should be important to everyone as most people are close their parents/grandparents or someone who is older than them.  Taking care of someone at home was not an easy task.  We constantly had to plan for her and someone had to be in the home at all times in order to care for her in case something bad happened or if she needed help doing simple everyday tasks such as moving around.  I want to be able to design better healthcare facilities and this is something that as I have grown more into my design style, that I have become passionate about.  I think that I can help create a facility that will be welcoming and warm and not like a death sentence for someone who can no longer be cared for at home.

The idea of coming up with a sustainable Halloween party was interesting to me.  I feel as though this is not a holiday that you would go out of your way to be sustainable for simply because most people buy new costumes every year, that usually cost a lot of money to only wear one time (kind of like a wedding dress).  We decided to come up with a green party that only used recycled materials.  We wanted to have it outdoor in order to really bring the idea of nature to life and we were going to have fit pits as our light source. In addition to that, we decided that everyone had to make a costume using things only found in nature.  I think that this could be a fun party with a different take on how to celebrate Halloween.

While this talk was a little longer than I thought it was going to be it still kept my attention.  She talked about the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, and economic) which I found to be interesting as I did not ever see sustainability broken down into three parts.  This idea leads to “people planet profit”. To me this stood out because most people do not consider the planet but instead focus on profit because having a profit will benefit them which is usually all that is considered in the long run.  This leads to a company having a “dirty laundry list”.  The idea of a company being sustainable or green is something that can attract a lot of potential clients for them as most people, if they think they are buying better because a company says that they are better will make them in turn feel better about themselves.  I pose the question of how do you really know if that company is being true to what they are saying?  There is nothing in place that really makes them own up or show what they are doing.  To me this is interesting because I feel as though people are trustworthy towards something without really looking into it.

As always – Go Pokes!

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