Industry’s impact on over and under consumers..

In the third week of class we discussed the topic over industry’s impact on over and under consumers. Which basically means that the over consumers are the ones that have the better opportunities in life while under consumers are under those opportunities meaning that they are the ones seeking for a better life. However as talked about in class, there can be two sides to this because most of the time what can also happen is the over consumers end up taking advantage of all the great opportunities they have and waste on stuff that are unreasonable and the under consumers don’t try and work for a better living since most can get help from the government so they start to believe that they don’t need to work for anything.

This is where poverty comes in, and after reading the assigned reading for this week it really opened my eyes as to the other people that around. Poverty actually becomes a worldwide issue in a big way it effects everyone due to the fact that the world gets divides into inequalities. This means people aren’t able to afford water or food types, and can also be seen as those who have little to no voice to be heard. A big issue we discussed is the dividends of the world by social economy and inequality. Some major causes of poverty include poor government and poor resources such as water, food, and education. This is because the poor can only afford the natural resources like farming on marginal lands and getting their water from unhealthy places. Many other causes of poverty range from corruption, national debt, lack of employment, discrimination, wars, and natural disasters on countries or small cities. The biggest impact on poverty is the children lives because of poor education, transmitted diseases and poor malnutrition as well as violence around them. As well as growing up with the cycle of violence and trouble behavior that can get passed around them and to others. Which really made me think and appreciate all of those who are out giving to those kids and families and really made me value the opportunities that I have that even sometimes are taken for granted. I’ve learned that in order to give back I would do so by one day reaching out like many others have been doing to help make our world better for everyone together. Children aren’t the only ones that are affected by this, we as in a society are also effected by poverty.

Another topic discussed this week in class was environmental degradation. Which according to one of the readings this week is “the loss in environmental quality from pollutants and other activities and processes like improper land use and natural disasters”. Another big source that can cause this is air, because when natural habitats become destroyed by natural hazards or by the releases in the air of chemicals can greatly affect the pollution around us without us even realizing it. This is another issue can affect society as well because the bad air pollution around the atmosphere can be one that we breath in which can lead to health issues that can also result in asthma or lung cancer. That is why it is important to be more informative on what is happening in the world around us and what we can all do as a whole to make it a healthier and safer place to live in.

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