Making Sustainability Fashionable

Last week was very interesting and eye opening. I thoroughly enjoyed the readings. “Fashion and Sustainability” really emphasized the role that consumers play in helping the transition to sustainability within the economy. Fashion is defined as what is “trending” and because of this, the concept of fashion is meant to change and evolve in short periods of time. At first, I would have believed that the concept of fashion harms the progress in transitioning to a sustainable future. This is because it promotes a consumeristic market that is constantly getting bored of the old and investing in the new. This system that promotes over-consumerism would result in a lot of waste, and would cause consumers to indulge in behaviors that only offer temporary happiness. However, the concept of fashion can be used to promote a sustainable future by implementing more sustainable items. For this to be possible, the consumer must warp their view of fashion and aesthetics. It will be a hard adjustment at first, but if everyone joins together then we can make a sustainable future a trending one.

Also, such practices will help the environment. When talking about the environment, I had never thought of the role that the impoverished play in environmental degradation. “Is Poverty Responsible for Global Environmental Degradation” outlines the arguments that go along with answering the posed question. This article was very intriguing and led me to believe that although their circumstances, the impoverished are not responsible for environmental degradation. The key word here is “responsible” because they are not the only reason for environmental degradation. In developing countries where agriculture is the main source of income the poor often do not live on suitable land. However, they are forced to make the most of what they got, resulting in over soiling and degradation. The environment is the home of all human life, and it is up to us to take care of it and to point fingers at the poor would be ignorant. There are several factors contributing to the degradation of our environment, and a lot of them are results of industrialization. Having lived in the United States my whole life, I am a total victim of Western culture and the consumeristic behavior promoted within it. However, the change is in the hands of the consumers and I am apart of the next generation of leading adults. This means that through education and inspiration that innovative minds can start taking the necessary baby steps to a sustainable future.

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