Mindful Blog 3

On Tuesday, we were assigned the reading “Fashion and Sustainability,” which is about the pros and cons of fashion. Walker defines fashion as new trends and new fads. This can be anything from clothing, cars, music, etc. People are always wanting new things and throwing their old things out. So, obviously, this is a problem for the environment. We’re wasting so many textiles and other materials that used to be “in style” by throwing them out for new stuff that is “in style” now. Fashion is something that is always gonna be a thing, though, no matter what we do. Things just get old and we get tired of them and I don’t think that will ever not exist. I wish there was something that we could do about it, but I don’t think there is.

However, some clothing comes back into style. For example, high-waisted pants and bell bottoms are coming back into style right now. Low-waisted skinny jeans or boot cut jeans were the fashion for a long time and now its the opposite. If we saved our clothes instead of throwing them out then we could maybe use them again when stuff came back into style. The only problem with that is no one would want to keep those clothes just laying around in storage for years. You would get tired of having stuff you didn’t use for so long taking up space. It would help the environment, but I doubt anyone would want to do that because I know I wouldn’t. I think donating clothes to consignment stores is a good way to recycle clothing instead of just throwing them away. That way the clothes would get more use out of them than they would just sitting in your closet or storage. And it would help the environment, because it would mean less waste!

Honestly, I could talk about clothing all day long, so I loved this day of class! Apparel merchandising is my major, so its obviously one of my favorite things if its gonna be my career one day. I just think there’s really no good way to look at fashion and sustainability and that’s not very good for me, considering it’s my major. Like you said in class, this reading assignment was kind of a sore subject for a lot us in class. Most of us in this class are either merchandising or design majors so it hits pretty close to home. Without fashion, my major wouldn’t even exist.

On Thursday we were split into two groups, yes or no. The argument was about poverty being responsible for global environmental degradation. I was assigned to the ‘no’ group. It talked a lot about the poor being forced to basically ruin the environment because that is there only way of survival. They are forced to use natural resources because that’s literally all they have to survive on. I think that the poor are a factor in environmental degradation to a certain extent, but it is not their fault that they aren’t given the resources in order to not use resources that we are running low on. I don’t even know if that makes complete sense, but I just don’t think its fair to blame them when they are only trying to survive. Yes, we need to reserve our natural resources, but if you’re facing life or death and you do not have access to other resources to survive then you’re obviously going to use the natural resources. In the United States, that isn’t something we really have to worry about because we have options to reserve things and be good on our environment.

Another thing mentioned in this article is that the people in poverty need a better government. If they had a better government, a lot of these problems would not be happening. We talked about helping the poor out in class and if we could trust them to actually receive the help. For example, if we gave them water supplies or electricity, could we trust them to pay for these things and actually work to keep them. I think we could trust them because I feel like they’ll do anything to have better supplies and resources. And if we’re putting in the effort to help them, why would they turn it down and not accept the resources we’re giving them?

These are my thoughts and I don’t even know if they make much sense, but I am very passionate about this stuff and I have loved learning more and more about sustainability each week, because it does have a lot to do with my major and what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life. I want to make a difference in our environment and not ruin our Earth like everyone keeps doing every single day. This class has made me more aware of the problems that I was never aware of before. I am loving it so far!!

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