Subsidies Stimulating Something

What is a subsidy? When entering wicked problems, I wouldn’t have been able to give the true definition that gives it meaning. To be honest I doubt I have ever heard that word before reading the required excerpt. Subsidies are used to stimulate something. Most subsidies are cash grants or loans that the government gives to businesses. It encourages activities the government wishes to promote. The subsidy depends on the amount of the goods or services provided. Some examples of a subsidy include cash subsidies, tax concessions, assumption of risk, and stock purchases. These are all considered subsidies because they reduce the cost of doing business. Most view these subsidies as bad things, when in reality not all are bad. But, the observer must be very cognizant and critical. Another great example of a subsidy or wicked problem that the world faces on a daily basis is poverty.

What is poverty? Poverty can be viewed in many different ways. In my opinion poverty is the state of being extremely poor. This can include the small or no amount of money in your pocket, the lack of food on the table, and poor living conditions. But, despite my own words of what I think poverty means there is proof that it has a more intellectual meaning. Some more types of poverty are income, education, vulnerability, equality, and socially. Who knew the depth of what being poor means? I wasn’t aware of the profundity that it withstood. It makes me appreciate all of the things I have and have been given. I am blessed to be attending an amazing university to further my education to get a job suitable for the life I yearn to live. But, how can I avoid poverty? In my opinion it is important to stay in school, keep your job, work hard, and find love. It is a fact that committed relationships are one of the most important factors in leading a happy and prosperous life. With doing these simple steps I believe that poverty can be diminished.

In my life I have an impeccable example of what it means to be diligent to get your work done in order to be successful. My mom is the most hard-working person I have ever interacted with. At age 19 she got pregnant with her first child, me. As a 19-year-old right now I could not imagine what that must have been like. Hard, emotional, and draining are three words that come to mind when becoming pregnant while finishing school. She moved out of her parent’s home, bought a small apartment, all the while she was finishing cosmetology school. She has always put me first and invested her time into me. She finished school and started working right away. 20 years later she has made an amazing life for herself. I look up to my mom and all of her efforts that she provided for me. I know if I follow in her footsteps I can avoid poverty and become very successful just as she is.

Subsidies stimulate as shown above. Our opinions are constantly changing meaning that we must be aware of our surrounding issues. I have learned from this class to be more involved, to speak up, and to work hard. One issue that has stuck with me is poverty and how much I want to avoid growing up like that. Some ways are to finish school, work, and have relationships that lead to great connections. With following these simple yet time oriented tasks will lead to success in your life. I am thankful for this class and the opportunity to be pushed beyond my normal thinking bubble. It is pushing me to work harder and want more for this life that has been given to me.

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