Sustainability in Fashion and Poverty

During our discussion for day one of our third week we read Stuart Walker he was talking about sustainability and how the fashion world has such a huge negative impact on the environment. “Fashion , on the other hand, suggests a passing trend or fad- something transient, superficial and often rather wasteful.” Fashion but more specifically fast fashion is such a strain on the environment, we make sure that fashion has an expiration date. We as a whole create fashion to be worn and then thrown away and made sure that we never see them again. Which in turn makes the fashion industry one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. With fashion constantly changing and evolving there is then a need to throw away those items and where do they go when we throw away? This is often times not a question we tend to ask ourselves but they more often times than not end up in a landfill. We could most definitely try and make the world of fashion more sustainable, but the effects it would have on the the job market would then create problems. If we were to make clothes last longer and made sure that someone could get more wear out of their clothes that would then in turn put some jobs at risk. Without the constant flow of needing new clothes companies would not need as many employees. Which could then put a strain on the economy. So just like any wicked problem there are solutions but with those solutions comes a new set of problems.


For our day two week three discussion we talked about poverty and the effects that it has on the environment and the economy. Although being in poverty is never an ideal situation there unfortunately a reason that there are social and economic classes. Yes where there is poverty there is normally a poorly taken care of community that is tied along with it. And when someone is living in poverty they tend to use more of the resources that are available to them. Someone is always going to need to do the job that has little pay and a lot of labor that goes along with it. Which tends to keep those in poverty in poverty without much room to grow and thrive financially. So will there ever be a way that both parties can truly benefit from? I do not have an answer at the moment but I do believe that someone within the industry will come up with a solution.8

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