The Forgotten Consumer

In a world where consumerism and materialism is of high importance it is easy to forget the negative impacts it can have on both the environment and the less fortunate. We need to take steps to lessen these effects on our environment and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Our world has been so fixed on staying up to date and buying “what is in” that there has been this divide between the rich and poor that only continues to grow. The less fortunate are stuck with having to take hand me downs or buying things after they lose their value in the fashion industry. This is an issue because waste is piling up and not all of it is being put to use. As consumers we should start to think of ways to better spend out money. Instead of buying or spending money on brand new items, we should put that money to reusing, recycling, or refurbishing old items.

We to easily forget to cater to everyone. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and do what you want to do for you and totally neglect the world around you. So if we work to encompass all types of people no one will be forgotten. And the economy will only thrive and get better from where we are. We might need government assistance or different organizations to accomplish this goal but it is possible. This divide although may seem caused by poverty, which is sometimes impossible to solve, however it is not. It was due to a lack of control and government assistance. If we do not do anything we will live in a world where people are either thriving or dying from malnutrition and poor shelter. So its about time we take the necessary steps to move toward a better future that leaves nobody behind.

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