The Position of Poverty

This week we talked about the relationship between “poor” and environmental degradation. The stance of the article I read was that the relationship between developing countries (poor countries) is directly correlated with environmental degradation. First, before I talk about the articles main points I think it’s important that I define what poor means in the eyes of the writer. Poverty can mean many different things weather that’s a number of people who are illiterate, have multiple health problems, inequality between male and female, people that have no voice and little power. The article states that the exact definition of poverty can be defined as “a social condition of chronic insecurity resulting from malfunctioning of economic, ecological, cultural and social systems, causing groups of people to lose the capacity to adapt and survive and the bee on minimal levels of satisfaction of their needs an aspiration.”

If we look at the relationship between developing countries and developed countries, the western countries are constantly importing resources from devolving countries. Even though were in need of these fossil fuel and other resources that these countries provide we still don’t pay the amount that we should for the value of the resource. In the article it talks about how when the developing countries economic availability is very limited to mostly resourcing the resources that are available and providing those resources for other countries. If there was ever a situation where cutting down a few trees would give you money to help provide food for your family, I don’t think there be a question on whether or not someone would do that. They would not first thing ‘oh if I cut down this tree or fish a certain amount of fish in the ocean that I’m going to be hurting the environment’, they’re thinking about where their next meal is coming from. Not all cases are this extreme but it puts the idea of this article in perspective.

I think between both stances of whether or not the relationship between poor countries in environmental issues are related or not, it’s pretty clear to me that they are very related. The cost of pollution here in the United States is much higher than it would be in another country, so that’s why we move our businesses and other infrastructure over toward developing countries because it’s much cheaper to pollute there using these countries as a waste disposal. The loss of environmental quality in other countries of the world is drastically increasing as western countries are consuming unimaginable amounts of resources daily.

Toward the end of the article it talks about different solutions for the developing countries and how to make their environment loss more aware and less looked over. One of the ideas that was discussed was increasing the prices of the resources that are outsourced in those countries. This would ultimately lead to greater economic value of those specific resources we would have a higher dependency on these countries because we value the resources so much overall making them more important and giving them a voice in power over their decisions.  Personally, I think overall developing countries just need more economic opportunities the reason that they’re overlooking in such environmental degradation is because it’s just not important to them what’s important to them is how they’re making money. I think everyone can agree that if they had opportunity to make more money or do something for the environment most people would choose the option of making more money but what if those things didn’t have to affect one another. If they had an opportunity to make more money while not damaging the environment and there’s really no argument that they would take it.


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