Week 11

It’s been a long week…

The Brown’s article was actually very interesting to me. I already find the growth of technology annoying and unnecessary. It is over-powering and taking the importance away from what is really around us. In the article, it shares that two individuals traveled to Africa to do Microfinance research. In Africa, the use of technology is not widespread and there are a lot of technological tools we take for granted. Therefore, the two members doing the study suggested that solutions be easily repairable and simple. My point of mentioning this part of the article is to prove that we do not need all of the technology we are creating here. We just keep building and ignoring the tools we actually need that are simply right in front of our face.

Later in class, our learning community had to come up with a sustainable halloween party idea. Our group decided to have a party where our guests would come to carve pumpkins and bob for apples. We would use the pumpkin seeds to make our pumpkin desserts and even possibly to grow more pumpkins. We also talked about decorating with sustainable materials and letting spider webs grow on their own. SPOOKY.

We also had a guest speaker, Maria Thiry. Something I got out of her lecture was that companies sometimes lie about their sustainable practices. It actually made me start to question some of the companies I hear about. There are times whenever I notice a company mention one, or two things about being sustainable or using an organic fiber. However, is that the only thing they do? Or are they seriously being sustainable? It makes me wonder and want to dig more into depth on some companies.

In case you were wondering, my three dots that ended the sentence “It’s been a long week” at the beginning is because of our bedlam loss. Sigh. As always though, GO POKES.


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