Week 11

When reading the Tim Brown article was super interesting to me. I really enjoyed the fact that he thought that we just didn’t need to give third world countries money for no reason, we need to teach them how to do it themselves. In my mind, education is the key, if you can teach someone something, they will be able to teach others and before you know it the whole village, town, or country will know how to do something to better their circumstances.

I would like to reflect on the company Zero Waste Daniel. I mentioned this company earlier to you during the semester. The founder of this company was once a high fashion designer, and then he just got tired of the hustle and bustle of things and decided he wanted make some changes. He noticed that when making his designs that more than 50% of the textiles that he used were thrown away and more than likely went to a landfill. So one day he took the scraps from his dresses and decided to make a shirt, and that is how he launched his new company, Zero Waste Daniel. Through natural capital, they are doing their part, but saving these textiles from going to a landfill, and giving them a new life. As for human capital, they are very customer oriented. They give a great explanation as to what their goals and vision is for the company, and how they plan to achieve that. If there is something that I would do differently would be to donate those clothes that they make to people in third-world countries or something. Not selling them to people who probably have hundreds of shirts and this is just going to be one to replace one and the one they are getting rid of is just going to be thrown away.

With my husband moving to the Houston area in recent years, I have had my eyes opened to the homeless population. Here in Oklahoma I know that it is an issue, however, I never knew how many homeless people can be in one area. When driving down the streets of Houston, there will be hundreds of them with tents, or just sleeping bags under the overpasses and bridges. I think that there could be more homeless shelters built. And within that there could be business owners who donate their time, to educate, help and feed them and in return the government or the state could give them a tax break to give them an incentive.

I was traveling to Texas on Halloween, so I wasn’t able to be in class and do the activity.

On Thursday when Maria Thiry came and spoke to our class, I was already familiar with what AATCC was, however, when a different group came a couple of semesters ago, I found their talk to be very boring and very apparel based. However with Maria, she was able to relate it to both sides very well. All of her information was very nice to have, and I enjoyed how she related it back to sustainability, but she also made it clear that they weren’t a sustainability group, however, there are some members who are all about it, while others could care less.

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