A Hopeful Future

The idea of a truly sustainable world may be hard to grasp because we’ve never seen it in our lifetime. We can look at this statement from two perspectives. On one hand, you could look at this as an awful reality and just believe that all humanity is doomed with no hope, but that would fix nothing. Or on the other hand, look at this as an opportunity for change. Living in a generation where all this knowledge has already been discovered, I often feel as if there is nothing left for me to really discover myself. I understand that this is far from the truth, but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.

The opportunity to change the world is right in front of us. No matter your age, as long as you are alive you can make a difference. If all of us believe that the little things we do in our daily lives don’t matter, nothing will change. However, if all of us believe that they do, the change would be rapid and huge. Sure, not everyone is going to be the person to discover a new way to convert energy to lower the consumption of fossil fuels, or be the one to turn all buildings green, but you could be the one to bring awareness to the person that does. The future is bright and exciting as long as we focus on the change we want to see. Humankind is an extremely bright species. I believe that someday we will live in a sustainable world, or at least a world that is on the path to one.

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