Cheers to a truly Inspirational Course

Thoughts on the reading

I’m not going to lie this weeks reading was difficult for me, I don’t know if it is because I am from Canada or just don’t know much about how the government works, but the ideas of free market versus government in our readings took me a moment to understand so correct me in this post if I am incorrect. On the one hand, if America gave all the power to the government to implement environmental regulations they would have to fit a larger group of organizations and would result in a more generalized outcome that can mostly satisfy the different branches. What does the government value most? The government focuses on oil and gas as a main resource for money and energy which means they will protect this industry from shrinking. Each industry in our market has demands that will be linked to different sides of sustainability which would take forever for the government to address individually. Theoretically giving the power to the market would make more sense so they have the ability to adjust boundaries and cater their specific methods. However, the issue I see with having a free market is the abuse of resources due to intentions. Making higher profits is going to be the main goal of any company and the impacts on the environment are not prioritized. I would say giving most power to the government but a decent amount of power to the market would create a good balance. This would allow the market to have an influence on laws, regulations, and subsidization but have various perspectives forming solutions. But first the American government needs to take a second and ask what is important. Does the government care about the environment enough?

Thoughts on the last class

I tend to be a very grateful person, especially after I stayed in Kipsongol Africa for a summer to build a classroom for the district school. I went with an organization called Free the Children that I worked with for years as a volunteer at We Day and other events held to inspire youth to be the change. The most successful method they used to get mass amounts of people to help and donate time or money was hope. I find it fitting that we discussed hope on our last day of class because it takes the energy used to stress about the world’s corruption and use that energy to take actions. Most people will listen to environmental films or videos and leave feeling a sense of guilt or sadness which isn’t an effective state to be in to make changes. It is discouraging to be told that everything you know and enjoy is harmful and wrong. This makes people want to suppress their emotions and run. But make someone excited to take steps, and you have a better chance at creating inspiration last long enough to make life improvements for sustainability. It reminds me of this time I was at a gift shop that had this shelf of glass animal figures and a young girl around 5 years old was reaching up to touch one. Her mother immediately grabbed her daughters hand and told her “don’t touch, you don’t want to break them.” The store owner walked over and squatted beside the young girl, handing her a glass figure and said, “Instead of teaching not to touch we should teach how to touch.” We can’t tell people not to consume but we can teach them how to consume.


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