Wrapping Up

This week’s classes were pretty laidback. To start out the week on Tuesday, we got to continue with the LOLA show presentations. I enjoyed hearing all of the interesting new ideas that everyone had to share. One of my favorites was the hospital clothing that made patients feel much more comfortable. The apparel used empathic design to create different areas that could open and close, which made the patient feel a lot less exposed rather than having to completely take off their entire hospital robe.

Another LOLA show that I enjoyed listening to was about virtual reality. It was interesting to learn about all the ways different business can use this newly advanced technology to enhance their shopping experience. For example, Lowe’s uses VR to help customers envision their home before actually making the real renovations. This can also be used to allow older individuals to experience activities they may not be able to experience because they cannot always leave their homes.

One more LOLA show idea that I enjoyed learning about saving the bees. I already knew this was an issue that is arising. It was really interesting and also alarming to hear about all the results of the decline in bees. I also enjoyed learning about the new technology that scientists and designers are inventing, such as the robotic bees that have the ability to actually pollinate.

On Thursday, we got the opportunity to continue working on our final project by getting to meet and interview Mr. Vincent. I really enjoyed meeting him! Originally, my learning community had a little bit of trouble brainstorming ideas from his probe package. It wasn’t very detailed and seemed very plain. He also didn’t seem to have very many problems, so it was difficult to find a solution for him. After interviewing him, we felt like we learned a lot more about his likes, dislikes, and what his daily problems are. We ended up tweaking our final project a little bit after speaking with him on Thursday.

For our final project, we are going to use a few sustainability theories and concepts that we have learned about in class. We are using biophilia, empathic desig, industrial ecology, and human needs. My learning community really wanted to incorporate as many sustainable concepts as we could into our design. We think our final project is going to turn out great!

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