Blog 10

I really enjoyed the lola show about adaptive clothing for elderly people with arthritis. I have grandparents that both suffer from arthritis and I think this would be very helpful for them. I think the biggest benefit for them would be the clothing that is easy access. My grandmother always has problems buttoning or zipping her skirts. Especially her skirts that the zipper pull is very small. All they would need to do is make the zipper pull bigger and it would make it so much easier for her to zip her dresses and skirts.

I learned more from my sister than I already knew. I knew that she struggled with type one but I didn’t really know the extent of how much she struggled. I learned from her probes package that she enjoys fun but also has to make sure she is taking care of herself because if not she could die. Her responses have been good to our thoughts so far. But I think part of it is really putting ourselves in her shoes and making decisions based on what would make her life easier. The main theory we are using is empathetic design. My sister is an amazing and incredible woman. However, she still gets down on herself because of this disease she has. My biggest thought is a wish and I wish that the medical industry would use more empathetic design as far as these diseases go because there is no cure for this. And I think there could be if corporations saw these people as people and not as a profit. I believe the reason there is no cure is because they profit too much off of the system we already have. Therefore they do not want to find a cure for fear of losing profits.

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