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This week was another week of LOLA shows. I found this week to be interesting. I really like the idea of the granny PODS. I thought it was a very good idea for the aging generation. My grandma lives right down the street from us so I see the importance of this from a personal level. I think down the street is perfect. I am not sure however having her live in our backyard might be a little crazy. I enjoy my grandma and she enjoys us but we like a little space. She is very active as are we. I thought this idea was new and a great opportunity for people who can’t live three doors down from their grandma.

Another LOLA Show I found to be new and interesting was the save the bees. I really like how they micro chipped them to get into the life of the bee. I thought that really related to class. I also did not realize cheerio stopped using the bee for a logo to raise awareness. I really think that’s an awesome idea.

Lastly, the next LOLA Show I liked was the UBER for Wal-Mart groceries. I found that to be a new idea. I think many people would use UBER to deliver groceries especially in the winter when the weather gets bad or maybe in a busy city. I really found this to be a sustainable design so not everyone has to use his or her car for groceries. I liked the thought of not having to go to Wal-Mart.

Then in class we got to finally meet Mr. Vincent. He is the client for my groups probes package. I learned many things from the interview. One thing he said that really stood out was when he talked about venturing out. He said he stumbled into a job just because he saw a sign and went to talk to the people about it. Sometimes people don’t even know what they need until they see what you have to offer. I found this story very inspiring. I asked Mr. Vincent what his favorite colors were and he answered blue and red I plan to use those colors in our store environment as much as we can. Another sustainable theory we are using is that our customers will be able to recycle shopping bags on their way out of the store so we are able to reuse them. I believe this idea saves plastic and money.

I really enjoyed class this week and felt like I learned a lot. I enjoyed getting to learn from others. I really think sometimes seeing things from others viewpoints is the best way to learn.


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