The Older the Better

This week was full of great presentations that all assisted with giving our class new ideas and perspectives mainly about the older adult population and what we can do have a more empathic view for when we design for them. The Lola show presentations that were most beneficial to hear about in relation to empathic design was the telemedicine presentation that showed how older adults or patients with disabilities can have on call access to licensed professionals that will assist them through a monitor screen to help check medical needs. I think that this would be greatly beneficial for the more minor emergencies or checkups to prevent time spent outside of the home for older adults who have trouble getting from place to place. Also in relation to older adults and empathic design, I liked the Lola show presentation that discussed the beneficial possibilities of using programs like Uber and Walmart teaming up to deliver groceries to peoples homes who may not have the best abilities to do so themselves. My favorite presentation from all of these though, was the presentation over save the bees. I didn’t know that bees were so endangered and it had never occurred to me how much it could impact our lives for them to be gone. When caught up in my own world I forget about how important a part the other creature in the world play in keeping the environment held together.

Back to discussing older adults and the things we can learn from their wisdom to become better designers, I really enjoyed getting to know about Mr. Vincent through both his probes package and in person through the interview. Reading about his day spent outside where he loves to was refreshing to hear from someone so positive about the life he lives in a great community of people and have such a chipper personality for someone his age. From hearing about his greatest interest in being outdoors and spending a lot of his time doing handiwork, I feel like our design for a thermaPod will be a fantastic idea to reach both his human need to be interactive and happy in the outdoors through all seasons in a safe and comfortable environment. Also using empathic design to understand what his daily tasks and limitations are will help our group to create an even better stable design to assist Mr. Vincent with any struggles that he faces now that were expressed during the interview with him last Thursday. I am looking forward to creating a product that is not only centered and focused around a living realistic client, but that could always become a possibility for a more sustainable environment to be used by many more people potentially if it were to ever be made. I loved Mr. Vincent’s personality from when we met him in class and I really hope that our make believe product would be able to benefit his lifestyle as well as other people too.


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