A Call to Action

The 11th hour is a very informative film and I am glad to have the opportunity to watch the film in an educational setting. Upon completing this course I feel much more informed on the wicked problems that we are faced with today. It is quite disheartening how many people turn a blind eye to these atrocities. However, with a shift in paradigms and design I believe that today’s people and future generations can start taking the necessary steps.

The idea of sustainable design is so beautiful and intriguing to me. I wish I had a mind that could comprehend the science and functionalities that go into building sustainable infrastructures. An interesting point made in one of the past readings was that as consumers we need to change our idea of aesthetic design if we would like a sustainable future. However, the buildings proposed in “The 11th Hour” are quite sleek and modern. Employers can give pay incentives to designers to create sustainable objects or garments. I believe that this will motivate the innovative minds of society to create sustainable materials that are desirable to consumers. I do not believe that sustainability must come with the cost of the aesthetic. It is discouraging to analyze the role that money plays in coming to solutions for wicked problems. There is a lot of interest in oil for politicians and those creating the policy for industrial practice. However, through pay incentives to employees we can start to change this vicious cycle. Once these innovative minds come up with sustainable design ideas, they can design things that create revenue for their company.

The 11th hour and the introduction to sustainable design sparked an inspiration within me to be a more mindful consumer and to be open minded to sustainable design.

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