A Sustainable Future Is In Our Hands.

This past week was our final week in this course and I have learned so much about what makes a problem wicked and why. The reading I read for the ‘No’ side for the issue about if market works better than the government at becoming sustainable was quite interesting. Both sides of the arguments had pretty good ideas but I just thought neither would be best. As for having building codes that are LEED certified, well, it sounds great but the issue would be money. It would be a problem because not everyone would be willing to build more ‘green’ if it is not affordable. National government regulation would also not be the best choice because each state has different budgets. I think it would be best for local governments to be involved instead. With local governments, they could see if it is worth the price to put LEED certification in place. Free markets would not be good at all either; if there is no government control, these markets would only care about making profit and fixing unsustainable issues would be at the bottom of their list.   Overall, I think if government and markets work together with an equal amount of power, then there could be a possibility to make changes to become sustainable.

I have gained plenty of insight about unsustainable issues throughout this course which I had little knowledge about. It was nice watching the end to The 11th Hour, to take note on all the possible solutions to the wicked problems that were shown on the first half of the film. After having learned about all these solutions, it makes me hopeful that I will continue to see change and see new change emerge to help our environment. Before taking this class, I was so stuck in my daily routine and blind to the issues happening. Now that I have become more mindful, I see these problems but I am making changes, it may be small changes but it is better than not doing anything at all.  I think that having a paradigm shift to a sustainable one is what would truly all lead us to see the world differently. If people start to realize the harm that has been caused to our planet, and realize there could be solutions to help our planet recover, there will be hope in changing our actions. There will be hope that the human race will continue to prosper if we make changes in the way we consume, design and communicate to everyone from governments to each other. Minimal changes in our everyday lives can become huge in the long run if we were all to create sustainable habits for the good of our planet and ourselves. There is only one Earth that we call home, we must protect it now.


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