Beginning Our Sustainable Future

This week, our discussions centered around how we can fix our practices to sustain ourselves on earth. Our first topic was the idea that the market or the government could transition to sustainability, but which of the two would do a better job at maintaining and enforcing new sustainable practices. The side I read was geared towards a market shift would spark sustainable practices. Most of the ideas from the author discussed the idea of incentives to shift companies to greener practices and taxes on carbon emissions. Mainly, becoming environmentally friendly should be economically friendly. The only issue with these ideas is would we also charge the average consumer? And how would we go about charging a consumer on their emissions? Large companies would also weigh their costs to go green against their costs to emit, and if it’s more frugal to emit, they will. The other side to this is having governments come in and implement these changes, which can work, but political action can take time that the Earth just doesn’t have.

Our second topic introduced sustainable practices. The last half hour of The 11th hour, it introduced many ideas in how to make our lives more so like nature, and how we can try to be more like our environment in creating no waste. The ideas about making our buildings like trees, which generate energy, and making our cities forests and being able to have a truly sustainable city seems like something unachievable. However, I do think that by beginning these sustainable practices in our lifestyles and becoming more like nature will be beneficial in our desire to save our species and the planet. In our wicked investigative reports, we all discussed multiple ways our industries can deal with issues facing sustainability, and by beginning to have large corporations and governments look at their wrong doing and star fixing these problems, we will be heading in the right step for saving our planet and our species.


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