Blog 10

I enjoyed this week of class in Sustainability. It was slower paced and allowed us as students to really engage ourselves in what was going on. On Tuesday we had a few groups present their LOLA shows.  There were definitely a few that stood out to me the most, but I would have to say my favorite for the day was the presentation about women’s menstrual cycles. Some may think that this was an awkward topic to cover in such a large class, but I really enjoyed it. Since the entirety of the class is almost all women, I think it was a great topic to address, not to mention it grabbed everyone’s attention from the get go which is a great way to engage your audience. I’m sure some people felt differently, but to learn sustainable measures and statistics for something women go through every single month, was very eye opening. Another LOLA show that peaked my interest was the Granny Pods presentation. I have grandparents that currently live alone due to the death of their significant other. I see the struggles that some of them face, especially my grandmother. I worry about her living alone, so the idea of a Granny Pod where older adults can live close by but still have independence, is a phenomenal idea. Finally, there was a LOLA show that fixated on grocery shopping for older adults. The video shown in class was such a great visual and really showed how the experience should be for aging individuals. The presenter spoke about how designers can design grocery stores to be more user friendly with early quiet shopping hours, rotating shelves, wide aisles and bright lighting. As an interior designer myself, I am always happy to learn new ideas on how to design for the aging population as they are a large market.

I really enjoyed Thursday’s Q&A with Mr. Wilson. He brought such positivity and joy into the classroom and seemed so happy to be there. His personality made it very easy to enjoy his presence and the interview. Mr. Wilson’s probe package was very well put together but left my group with some questions. We knew just from observing that he enjoyed his home and the outdoors, alone with artwork. The class was very great in asking important questions and I am sure that every group will benefit from everyone’s questions.  We will be able to use his answers and apply them directly to our theories. The theories we would like to explore are Empathic Design with an emphasis on human needs by taking his personal and physical limitations into consideration. The second theory is Sustainability which will allow him to view art from all over the world without the carbon footprint that world travel would ensue. The previous statement was taken directly from Learning Community 4’s proposal.

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