Blog 10

I really enjoyed Lauren’s presentation about patient centered design in relation to garments worn while in the hospital. I personally relate to this topic, as I have struggled with some health problems and have had to wear the uncomfortable and revealing hospital gowns. I think this is something that is even more relevant to people who have to endure long stays in the hospital. I can’t imagine being in those gowns for days on end. So I think that it is a very relevant and innovative idea to have functional and attractive hospital garments.

I also really got a kick out of the presentation that covered granny pods. My grandmother actually lives with my parents and lived has lived with them since I was in high school. She suffers with falls very frequently and needs to be close to my parents. I love the idea of a “granny pod” because it seems very functional and provides the older individual with some freedom and independence, which is something many older people really value. So many people, especially this day and age with the large baby boomer population, have to take care of their parents, and I think it is a genius idea! I can relate a lot of the covered topics to my grandmother as she and I are very close and I want the best for her, so many of the topics resonated with me personally.

I loved Caroline’s presentation about the mall in China. Like I mentioned, the baby boomer generation is getting older, and the older generation is predicted to grow by 30% in the next 30 years. Shopping is definiltey my grandmother’s favorite hobby and one of the ways she socializes outside of the house. I think that is also the case for many members of the older generations. Caroline showed a video of the Chinese mall that incorporated many activities in which older people participate all available under one roof. They have things like exercise classes, games, rehabilitation facilities, handicap accessible aisles, lighter carts, and special design features that cater to the ailments of the elderly. I think this is a very smart idea that has so much potential to increase the quality of life for the older population. Overall it was very interesting to hear the newer innovations for the older generation since this is a market that is ever growing and will be relevant to all of our careers.

We learned a lot about Mr. Vincent through both his probes package and the interview Thursday in class. We learned that he enjoys layouts like that of Sprouts because it is open and “everything can be seen at a glance.” He spends a lot of time cooking and eating and really enjoys nature. For these reasons, he likes to shop at the farmers market for fresh ingredients. He likes abstract art and is constantly designing and creating. We learned he likes blue, red, tan and white. He is not very disabled for a person of his age, but he uses a shopping cart for balance and support when he is navigating through stores. After learning these things, we decided to focus on creating a store environment that Mr. Vincent would enjoy and that would be convenient for him. We want to incorporate empathic design, biomimicry and biophilic design when creating this store environment. Since Mr. Vincent loves being outdoors, we want to have biophilic design throughout the store to make him feel comfortable and relaxed. We will incorporate his favorite things and accommodate for any inconveniences Mr. Vincent experiences at the store and really incorporate empathic design by viewing the store how Mr. Vincent would. We also think biomimicry is a great way to incorporate more sustainable design aspects, so we plan on finding out what ways we can use these principles in our store design.

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