Blog 10

I really enjoyed all of the LOLA shows this past week because the majority of them related back to older individuals. We have been discussing older individuals in this class as well as a couple of my other classes all semester. It was very interesting to see actual ideas and products that are already in action to assist these older individuals. I also really liked seeing how these ideas and products related back to sustainability all while assisting the elderly. My very favorite LOLA show this past week was Caroline Berry’s. Caroline discussed a mall in Tokyo that completely caters to older individuals. They have special classes that these individuals can take as well as store hours catering to their way of life. The store has sales in the morning because many old people are up very early. The mall really makes the seniors shopping experience social which is really great for their wellbeing. Many times, they tend to not get out of the house and this can be very degrading on their self-esteem. I also enjoyed the granny pods LOLA Show. Besides the fact that it was humorous, the idea is really amazing and ideal. With Granny Pods, loved ones can stay close to their older individual while still giving them freedom and a healthy lifestyle. I also enjoyed the “Be Close!” LOLA Show. I liked this one for the same reason that I liked Granny Pods, it is a great alternative to a nursing home and it grants the older individual a reasonable amount of freedom. Though I liked Granny Pods and Be Close, I do think that they could both be more sustainable than they currently are. These LOLA Shows were helpful when reviewing Mr. Vincent’s probe package. While looking over Mr. Vincent’s probe package, we gathered some thoughts and assumptions regarding his day to day life and habits. We realized that Mr. Vincent loves painting, nature, and cooking, and has trouble with technology. From the discussion with Mr. Vincent, we gathered that he does in fact love nature and painting, and he has trouble walking. What really helped us out was when he started talking about stores that he loves. This helped us because we had already come up with the idea of creating a store environment completely adapted to Mr. Vincent. After the talk with him, we were able to further adapt our idea and incorporate biophilic design and biomimicry into the store idea. We were inspired by his love for nature and his desire for fresh produce that is accessible. We will use biophilic design and biomimicry to create a store that is both enjoy to be in and easy to get around. I am very excited about our project and am looking forward to developing it even further.

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