Blog 10

Unfortunately I missed the Lola Shows on Tuesday. I heard about one about the amount waste caused by feminine protection. There are all kinds of new advertisements about natural tampons that aren’t made of synthetic ingredients or bleached with chemicals. Now days there are many more options for feminine protection than ever before, taking steps towards sustainability.


For the final project, my team and I changed the direction we were going so we are doing an updated probes package tomorrow. Our direction is to control thermal comfort for each person’s preference. We’ll have to do research building temperature standards, biological standards, and the best way to give each person the opportunity to be a comfortable wherever they go. We’re going to use empathic design to understand how people differ in temperature preferences. Biomimicry is used to make a function that coincides with the biological functions of temperature control. Human needs will be met by maintaining a comfortable temperature in any climate, increasing their stay.

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