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The LOLA shows this week were very interesting. I really liked the one about the hospital clothing. I thought this was a really great idea because it really would make patients feel more comfortable while being in the hospital. I liked the one about the bees because I have always been afraid of bees and wish they didn’t exist. After learning how important they are to the environment I will just leave them alone and try to stop anyone from harming them. I also liked the LOLA show about making shopping locations better for older individuals. After this show it made me realize that there really aren’t many shopping locations that are easy for older people to go to. This LOLA show talked about the different ways that retail environments can become better for older people like having rotating shelves and wider aisles. I liked how a lot of the LOLA shows this past week were about older individuals needs. These could help me think of different things and ways my group could design or change our design for Mr. Vincent’s product.


Mr. Vincent’s probes package showed what he enjoys and does on a normal day. He is older so does exercises to start the day. He enjoys pottery and painting a lot and has many bird feeders. I thought the fact he told about how a blazer jacket got its name was interesting also. The interview with him helped my group get a true idea of what he likes and the things he likes to do on a daily basis. It also helped us see the challenges he may go through by getting to know him more.


Our final project is going help Mr. Vincent or anyone that enjoys to paint. The main way our project idea is going to be sustainable is through reusing and having a multifunctional product instead of separate ones for each task.

Were still processing what we are exactly doing for our final project, but I’m excited to see the how it all turns out in the end. This class is starting to come to an end and I’ve learned so much about sustainability through this class. One of my favorite topics I’ve learned about so far is probably biophilic design.

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