Blog 10

I enjoyed listening to all of the LOLA shows from this past week because they related to older individuals well but I also thought they they could relate to my generation also. I enjoyed the presentation on the clothing items that are being made for older individuals in hospitals so that they do not have to wear a hospital gown all the time. I have never heard of this company before and my grandma has been in the hospital recovering from a hip surgery so it was easy for me to relate to. I think that it is a great idea so that older individuals are more comfortable in real clothing rather than a hospital gown. I also enjoyed the LOLA show about the mall in Tokyo that caters to older individuals. I think that it would be very cool to have one of these malls in the United States and I think that it would help older individuals stay active. This idea keeps older individuals active by walking around the mall and caters to their needs to improve their social shopping experience. Another LOLA show that I enjoyed was about Saving the Bees. I think that this topic is often overlooked but it is extremely important to our environment. After watching this LOLA show, I realized how much bees do for our environment and how many sustainability issues we would have if they become extinct. I also had never really thought about how much bees impact our industry. This LOLA show made me realize how important it is to not harm bees so that we do not lose such an important part of our environment.


I’m glad that we had LOLA shows over older individuals and Mr. Vincents interview in the same week. This helped our learning community reflect on older individuals needs and how we can help Mr. Vincent with his needs. After going through the probes package a couple of times, our learning community came to the conclusion that Mr. Vincent enjoys painting, cooking, nature and spends most of his time outside, and does not spend too much time using technology. After the interview, we got to know more about what he does everyday and that he does not have too much trouble with his activities but he is very aware of his surroundings. We had the idea of creating a store environment for Mr. Vincent and then he shared with us a little bit about his shopping experiences. We brainstormed more on our idea and decided to incorporate biophilic design and biomimicry into the store. Mr. Vincents love for nature and freshly grown food should be easily accessible in one place so that he can really enjoy his shopping experiences. I am excited to see how our project further develops and how we can create a better experience for Mr. Vincent.

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