Blog #10

On Tuesday we got to see the next group of groups present their LOLA shows. Most of these presentations related back to older people and providing them with things that would benefit them. This is something that we will have to do when going into our careers because most of our customers will be baby boomers and will be older at that time. One of the LOLA shows that stood out to me the most was the one about the granny pods. I didn’t know that this was something that people were doing but I think that it is a great idea. Its an easy way to keep your family close even when their older but to also keep your space and allow each of you to have your own living space. This caught my attention the most because one of my friends has a smaller space outside of her parents’ house that is big enough for her grandmother to stay in. That way they can all spend dinner together and then she can walk right back over to where she stays easily. Another LOLA show that was presented was about the mall in Tokyo that caters to seniors who shop, and not just younger people. This mall provides a whole level that is dedicated to older people. It has a walk path that is shaped with carpet, small game rooms that they can go and play games and mingle with others their age, and also wider sized aisles that will help them to get around better. Being in this class and my other classes this semester has really made me think more about the difficulties that come with older age and how hard shopping can be for them. It is helpful to learn about this because it makes us put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and think about how they may feel when they are shopping. The last LOLA show that stood out to me on Tuesday was the one that was about what you have to wear when you go to the hospital. This could relate to both people who are older in age and ones that are younger. When going to the hospital no one wants to wear the outfit that they give you, not just because they are so bland but also because it can be embarrassing to have to strip all the way down in front of a nurse or doctor. I think that is a great idea to make clothing that people can wear in hospitals that only would require them to take of the top or the bottom of the garment. This will make the patient feel much more comfortable even when they have to stay in a place that is new and not to be able to stay in the comfort of their own bed.
Listening to Mr. Vincent talk about his life and his probes package made me realize the things that are really important to him. It was fun to hear him talk about all the things that we just saw pictures of. This helped my team to relate more of the things that Mr. Vincent talked about to what we created for him in his home and why it would suit his needs in his older age. It also made the project more personable to actually see and ask questions to the person that we are doing it on!

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