This past week, the Lola shows were focused on human needs and older individuals. One of the shows’ topic was on a shopping mall in China that had an entire floor dedicated to older individuals. The floor was carpeted, there was a track and workout room, they offered workout classes, it opened earlier than the rest of the mall, and the lighting and shopping experience was overall easier for the ageing population. Another idea focused on the idea of grocery delivery services through Walmart. While only a few cities offer it, this is a great idea to benefit the population. The third Lola show that I found interesting was on the endangerment of the bee population, as I was unaware of just how important the population is towards our environmental future.

Relating to our final project, my teammates and I found that Mr. Vincent’s probe package was quite simple. He lives a simple life, he enjoys cooking and having guests, enjoys being outside and gardening, and also doesn’t need materialistic things to make him happy. During the interview process, we learned just how therapeutic gardening is for Mr. Vincent both physically and mentally. We also learned that it is difficult to grow one’s own vegetables in Stillwater due to the climate. That is why my team decided to design our final project around creating an indoor accessible garden/ greenhouse. Our nature centered design is meant to be seen clearly from inside the house and will fill Mr. Vincent’s basic human needs of leisure, creation, and subsistence.

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