Blog 10

During last weeks Lola Shows I enjoyed listening to the ones that used empathetic design, as it relates to our in class activities and probes package. It always surprises me how many issues there are in the world that designers can help solve. Listening to other brilliant inventions inspires me to brainstorm in the same way, by envisioning a product that can further better the overall being of earth and mankind.

The first Lola Show “More Than A Patient, A Person,” grabbed my attention as it described the true feelings many individuals have while staying in hospitals. The last time I have gone to the hospital was due to a head injury, therefore I did not have to worry about the invasion of privacy under my robe. However when my Grandpa fell off a latter and collapsed a lung, he had to experience 2 weeks of being required to wear a hospital robe. Looking back, I remember him griping about having to wear the robe even  though I assumed he was only complaining because he wanted to go home. Understanding how inconvenient it must be to take your only piece of clothing off every time the nurses come in is traumatizing. Inga Wellbeing came up with a brilliant idea of creating the hospital gown that is accessible in various ways, allowing the patient to keep the robe on during examinations. The idea of having to stay in a hospital is already uncomfortable enough, which is why I hope more hospital facilities soon adapt to robes such as Inga Wellbeing’s.

The second Lola Show that truly caught my eye was “Why Your Period Should Be Green.” The facts stated about where menstrual products end up was shocking and needs to be brought to everyones attention. As a female, the only factor I ever focussed on when buying these products is the bizarre cost we have to pay for something we have no choice over. Now that I have learned about the damage being caused by them, I would be willing to pay even more to help put an end to all of the waste. Being introduced to alternatives such as Thinx Underwear or The Pad Effect, inspires me to change products at any cost. An issue this big needs to reach a much wider audience to educate all women on what their feminine products are actually doing to our earth.

“Building Homes for Older Individuals to Age In” was the third Lola Show that stood out to me. My Memaw has been living in my parents house for almost two years now due to the fact that she is too old to live by herself. It almost seems cruel to put your own mother in a nursing home after she gave you shelter during the first 18 years of your life.   However, having a very active dog as well as young kids running around the house makes it hard for her to maneuver around everything. She can only stay on the first floor since it is impossible for her to climb up any stairs. A miniature house in your backyard that is accessible to elderly is perfect for situations like these. Although it may be pricy, it is better than investing your money in a retirement home. If these became more regulated then many families could start planning for them early on, eliminating the cost issue later in life.

After gathering all of the examples from the Lola Show’s, I was eager to begin brain storming an empathic design for Mr. Vincent’s probes package. During Mr. Vincent’s interview, I was surprised by how many tasks he could complete by himself. The fact that he did not allow anything to limit his abilities made the design process a bit harder. After discussing with my learning community we came up with the idea to create a store environment that has no limitations. By using Biophilia, we will design a nature inspired store that gives off a calming outdoor feeling as soon as you walk in. Empathy will assist us in designing a comfortable environment inspired by Mr. Vincent that also focuses on mental and physical health. From the 10 Tenants of Industrial Ecology we will use Optimize rather than Maximize since Mr. Vincent explained how he prefers to see all of his options out at once. By doing this, he will be able to analyze all of his options to the full extent. After this week I am excited to see how else I can challenge myself to be a better empathetic thinker.



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