Blog 10

On Tuesday we had another LOLA presentation to listen to. For my blog today I would like to mention three that I really liked listening to. One of the LOLA presentation’s mentioned the concept of Granny Pods which I thought was interesting in a funny yet also sad way. The name was the only tidbit I that I found funny and what made me really remember after listening to all the presentations. Even though the idea of older adults harboring some sort of independence in the close proximity of loved ones was a near idea it was also sad. It’s nice that the loved ones would be able to help their older adults when needed but in the end all I could so was feel sad about it. My family is from a culture that keeps their grandparents close at all times and the families commonly live in the same house as grandparents. It is sad to see that in the United States they typically send their older adults to living facilities. While the Granny Pod seems to be a better situation than a senior living facility I still found it sad. I mean how hard is it to share one roof with them? In the end, I found the Granny Pod a bit selfish.

I really enjoyed learning about the Aeon Mall that really took time to cater to older adults needs. It was kind of like a mall/clinic/clubhouse for the older adults to enjoy. From what I’ve observed, older adults tend to just want to enjoy their time and have a sense of independence and control. The mall provided those needs by bringing them entertainment and a way to go about their necessary activities all in one place. I also really liked the video of the older adults having a good time.

The feminine products presentation by Kendall was actually a review to me. In one of my earlier blogs I believe I did talk about organic feminine hygiene products. I liked that someone decided to present over that and I hope it made people realize that they should look into more natural alternatives when it comes to feminine hygiene products. I even proceeded to talk to my learning community about it briefly on Thursday when we met for our project. They showed some interest but admittedly had some reservations about converting. I recommended some products they could buy at the local Spouts in Stillwater that they could try.

Speaking of meeting with my learning community group, we met this past Thursday to talk about our project. Emily went over her grandmother’s probes package with us and from there we talked about two ideas that came to mind after reviewing the probes package. The first idea was a pen that would be able to help her grandmother write. Emily’s grandmother harbors a disability that makes her body involuntarily shake. We thought a pen that would be able to stabilize her handwriting even when she would shake would be extremely helpful for her. The idea; however, was crossed off our list when we realized it was not actually related to our major. We also could not find how exactly the pen would be sustainable.

After some further brainstorming we then came up with the idea of creating this bed sheet that would be able to capture any accidents Emily’s grandmother might have when sleeping. Her disability sometimes causes accidents in the night and creating a sheet that her grandmother would be able to put on and remove from the bed easily would be helpful to her in her daily life. The fabric could then be made with a sustainable fabric or some sort of recyclable fabric. The goal in the end is to have a sheet that Emily’s grandmother could easily put on and remove without struggle and would not harm the environment later if she decided to dispose of it and get a new sheet after some time of use.


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