Blog 10

LOLA show

There were three LOLA shows that really interested me during the most recent presentations. The first was the presentation over the mobile homes for older individuals. I love the idea that a person can watch their parent or so to ensure they are doing okay, all while the older individual is in a private, secure, and health-oriented home. The next presentation was the use of the Fit Bit for older individuals. The Fit Bit is a popular device used by many, and the fact that it could be extremely beneficial for older individuals shows just how far we can stretch a products usefulness and make it something that has empathic-design and sustainable value. Lastly, the presentation over “save the bee’s” really caught my attention. The “save the bee’s” issue is something I am familiar with and also a campaign many in my generation are passionate about and using social media to spread the word about the problem. It was interesting to see the alternatives this LOLA show presented, over what technology we can use in case the unfortunate happens.

Final Project

The probes package showed me the day to day activities Mr. Vincent partakes in. Such as how the things he likes to do, what he cooks, what he wears, and any type of problems/challenges he faces. It was really difficult to think of a product for Mr. Vincent because we felt he was really healthy and can do many things on his own for his age. based on his probes package. Many of the answers he gave us from the interview really helped my learning community figure out what we wanted to design. Taking empathic design, we will create a product that will help Mr. Vincent with an everyday problem he faces.

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