Blog #10

Madeline Manning

Blog 10



I found the Inga presentation to be very interesting, I think the idea of having comfortable clothes in a hospital is very vital to the patience well being. There is so many factors such as environment, service and health the go into a patience well being. They should not have to be dehumanized whenever a doctor or nurse needs to preform a service on them. When my mother stayed in the hospital for a week this summer she felt so gross after being in a hospital gown for a week, she was ready to be back in regular clothes. I could not imagine having to be in a hospital gown for a prolonged period of time.

Another presentation that I found interesting was Bailey’s presentation over adaptable clothing. Every point that she was made was incredibly relevant to the elderly. Many cannot button their clothes and if they can they either miss a button or button them unevenly. I also found it very interesting how it tied to sustainability. I think that every store should give their customers the opportunity to return the clothing that they bought so someone else can wear it. I also like their return policy, I think that if every store was like that the fashion industry would work smoother.

Another one of the LOLA Shows that I liked was the one pertaining to the elderly in malls. I think that this will spark mall traffic and allow for a place for elderly to come and socialize. They do this with mothers at my mall at home and I think that it is an awesome idea.

I learned a lot about Mr. Vincent on Friday, I found him to be very interesting and personable. He was very pleasant man that shared a lot of his knowledge on design and life in general. We are going to take the basis of him having pain in his feet to create a pair of orthopedic socks. We will have beanbags where he can heat them up when his feet get sore. We will need to research different material used to create these socks that will promote sustainability. We want these socks to be able to last for years and years to come, we do not want them to be modeled after fast fashion because that will defeat our purpose. We want to cerate something for Mr. Vincent that will allow him to continue his active lifestyle as he ages. I loved hearing the stories that he had to tell us. Listening to a different generation talk about their life is so compelling.

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