Blog 10

This past week in lecture we closed out LOLA Show presentations, and there were a few that spiked my interest most. Tying for my most interesting presentation were both bout clothing and how it effects hospital patients and the other effecting children with disabilities. Starting with the hospital patients specifically ones fighting breast cancer, the item presented was a gown the opened in specific chest or underarm area to provide a more comfortable gown instead of reveling ones conscious body for all staff to see. The other presentation expressed a new line launched by Target that designed a wardrobe specifically for kids with autism or various disabilities. I found this surprising coming from such a large corporation and truthfully spiked my interest in shopping with Target because i saw the empathy presented in their new collection. Another presentation that i thought was cool was about small mobile homes called Granny pods. These were portable tiny homes that were meant to be placed near or next to a caretakers home for elders in need of assistance. I found this idea rather expensive but a nice way to keep loved elderly family member close to home yet not under the same roof, allowing both care taker and elder to have their own personal space while being convenient for care.

These Emphatic Design LOLA Shows got me to really think how i could create a beneficial caring design for my final project, but once reviewing my clients deign probes package i found myself second guessing and trying to piece together ideas from a very sparse package. Once interviewing my client i got to understand their though process and their interest, dislikes, and discomforts giving me more range to create a design product that would be beneficial not only to their needs but to others as well. My design is a store environment that is includes, emphatic, industrial, and biophilic design throughout the environment.

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