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A few of the LOLA shows I liked included the presentations about Bees, Virtual Reality, and the Granny Pods.  I found the “bee” topic to be very interesting for many reasons, one including that the dying bee population is something I find very intriguing and alarming.  My friend Natalie whose presentation it was, did a very nice job of formatting her information in that it was very factual and to-the-point.  Here is the problem, this is how we can solve the issue, and this is how scientists are using biomimicry to replicate what bees do for our environment.  I found the entire thing very informative because as well all know, the decreasing bee population is an issue but it was the bee robots that I had never heard of.  That scares me though that instead of strictly focusing on solving the issue, that scientists are already preparing for the bee’s extinction by creating a robot that can replace their job and pollinate flowers.  The Virtual Reality and Granny Pod presentations I thought were very innovative.  I feel as though throughout my time in this program, we have done a lot to design for the baby boomer generation so often times this topic feels tired to me.  But I thought both of these students did a really great job of giving new ideas and presenting them well.  The virtual reality idea isn’t necessarily something new – often times I hear about it in association with video games, so the way she wanted to utilize it was new.  This student talked about using virtual reality to allow the elderly to put on a pair of glasses and feel as though they are with their families even though they are unable to move.  This idea is great and definitely different, but it’s still very sad and almost unfulfilling to me.  Nothing can replace physically being with your family and I think seeing your family making memories through virtual reality without you actually being there could be more depressing than not being able to be there at all.  Just a personal opinion, but I pray I never become immobile enough that I can’t make my own memory with family, even in my old age.  The Granny Pod idea is very clever but also slightly comical to me.  I can see where this idea would be beneficial to some but I don’t see many elderly people wanting to do this.  Nonetheless, great presentation and the informational support was definitely there.

On Thursday when Mr. Vincent came in to answer additional questions about his probes package and his life in general, I found that speaking with him and hearing from him was very helpful.  Before, while reading only his probes package, my learning community and I had loosely developed a concept but quickly realized that while our idea was fine, it wasn’t actually solving an issue he had.  We skimmed back over his probes package and realized THE MAN has no issues.  While hearing him speak in class, it still seemed as though he had no issues.  It’s actually incredible to hear him speak about his daily life – Mr. Vincent never complains and has a solution for quite possibly anything!  We took thorough notes about everything he said and caught one tiny little issue he mentioned – because of the Oklahoma weather, he cannot grow a vegetable garden and he wishes that he could.  We decided to create an indoor sustainable greenhouse complete with several different tiny sustainable details including raven windows to monitor indoor temperature, sun lights, rain water catcher, a compost center, and vegetation that can be grown and used for Mr. Vincent’s cooking since he expressed an interest in that as well.

Sustainability theories we are using to aid our project development are Biophilia, Empathic Design, Industrial Ecology, and Human Needs.  With Biophilia, we are recognizing Mr. Vincent’s passion for nature, growth, gardening, and cooking.  With Empathic Design, we are tailoring a design specifically for Mr. Vincent and others like him.  With Industrial Ecology, we are trying to replicate other greenhouse’s idea of recycling all waste so that there is none.  We are doing so by using rain water instead of tap water and composting waste to create a cycle of nutritious soil for future use.  With Human Needs, we are using what we know Mr. Vincent needs to create a design for him.  Overall, I’m excited to move forward with our idea and I know that wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t of spoken to him on Thursday!

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