Blog 10

This week’s LOLA shows talked about older individuals needs and what we can do to meet them. After hearing from these groups, it helps us take those points and apply them to our final probes package. I liked Natalie’s topic over saving the bees. It is our first instinct to want to kill a bee if it flies near us, but we need to be protecting bees instead! Bees are so significant to the environment and if they go extinct, a lot of other problems would arise. I loved the group that talked about granny pods. My mom and I joke all the time about getting her a granny pod when I get older and have my own house so she can be close to my future kids. Another LOLA show that stood out to me was the group that talked about grocery stores for elders. During Visual Merchandising, we got to experience how elders feel while shopping by wearing weights on our arms and legs, ear muffs, and goggles that mimic eye conditions. Feeling this empathy for elders makes you realize how hard they have it while trying to shop or every day activities.

For my final probes package, my group is doing it over Emily’s grandma who has MS. We met on Thursday to discuss what we wanted to create for her grandma. Emily shared with us that with MS, a side effect is uncontrollable bowel movements such as, wetting the bed. After hearing that her grandma uses pads that attach to the bed to help control this, and hearing how much potential waste comes from the packaging and the pad itself, we decided that we would create a type of attachment for your sheets that is washable and reusable. The theories we are going to use are: empathic design, human need (being), and biophilia. With empathic design, we put ourselves in Emily’s grandma’s shoes and thought about what would be best for her and the most convenient item to make to help her cope with MS. The being aspect of human need covers mental and physical health. With our design we would be helping her keep good hygiene while giving her a good night’s sleep knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about what could happen in the night. For biophilia, we did some research and found that bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton, so we would be using bamboo fibers in our design.

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