Blog 10

During this week more Lola shows were presented. The saving the bees Lola show caught my attention because it was very interesting and informative. I loved that she thought outside of the box by talking about saving the bees. I also like that she targeted a significant problem of the decline in bees and she informed us that with decline of bees we could see a huge affect on our world but also our DHM fields.

I also really enjoyed the virtual reality presentation. Virtual reality is something that is heavily brought up in this time of advanced technology. I was different I would have never thought that this virtual reality could help older individual needs. The last Lola show I enjoyed was the adaptable clothing presentation because this is a common need that is essential to older individuals.


I learned several things about my client through the probes package. I learned that she is a diabetic. I also learned that she is an active person who loves the outdoors and animals. She is very active, works out regularly, rodeos, and is motivated. We are going to take her responses from the interview and design probes package to try to apply her responses, daily life activities, and feelings to our design concept that we come up with.


The three theories we are using for the final project is empathetic design, bio mimicry, and biophilia. The empathetic theory would satisfy her needs by taking into considerations her health related struggles. Biomimcry theory is used because the design we came up with would provide insulin, which imitates the pancreas natural ability to produce blood sugar naturally. Lastly we are using biophilia theory to satisfy her passion for spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, traveling etc.


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