Blog 10

Last Tuesday we had Lola Presentations. I am going to discuss three of them that I liked. “More than a patient, a person. The problem is that baby boomers with chronic diseases or are in home care, feel exposed because of the gown they have to wear. These individuals make up 22% of the U.S. adults. The most common disabilities are mobility and cognition. The solution was IGNA. They are a company that makes attractive, functional, and comfortable gowns for the patients. “Building homes for older people to age in”. Baby boomers are expected to increase significantly by the year 2020. The people taking care of them are not wanting to put them into a nursing home, so they put a granny pod in their backyard. This pod has a universal design, and creates a barrier free home. When living in these granny pods, people are healthier and happier. They are expensive, but worth it. “Making shopping senior friendly. The senior population has jumped to 30% in the past 30 years. Their physical restrictions limit ability. New stores are popping up with non shiny floors, good lighting, magnifying glasses or larger print, step stools or rotating shelves, automatic doors, wider aisles, and quiet hours. I think this is a great idea for the future.

After reading Mr. Vincent’s probe package, we now know a lot more about him. He gets around just fine, but is slow at doing so. He loves the outdoors, and cooking. He has hip and knee problems. A personal question I asked him when he visited our class was do you mostly hang your clothes up or fold them. He said he hangs his nice clothes up, and folds the rest. This helped us in our research when we were thinking of something to design. We are going to use the empathic design theory because it relates to our design we are doing. I think this project will be fun.

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