Blog 10

I really enjoyed the topic about saving the bees. I think that, although, it may have been a more general perspective and not directly related to merchandising I think that it was interesting. Bees have a big impact on our environment and their decrease in numbers will become more rapid within the years, which will result in a drastic change in the environment. Natalie did briefly touch on how the lose of bees with impact the fashion market; cotton and other widely used textiles will no longer be available.

The other topic that I really enjoyed was the mall environment for the elderly. I think that in today’s society, the elderly aren’t really considered when creating business designs and therefore restrict the places that elderly can go to because they may not accommodate for their special needs. The mall that created a space specifically for the elderly allowed them to gather in a safe environment and remain social even as they get older. I think keeping the elderly social is important because it’s regularly exercising these motor skills that are more likely to deteriorate at people get older. The space also provided an indoor walking trail around the outskirts of the store so that the elderly had a place to remain active, which again I think is very important.

The last topic that was my favorite was the “granny pod” which was a small house that was capable of being moved to a family members back yard. This pod allowed these people to have a space that is their own but is easily accessible for family members in case of emergencies. The pods also have motion sensors that alert family if there isn’t any activity. There are also a few medical supplies for emergencies. I think that these pods are a better alternative to nursing homes because the elderly can continue to have their dignity because they are able to take care of themselves but still puts them in a safe environment incase they need help.

My group decided to do our project over someone we personally knew who has MS. From the probes package, I learned that our client enjoys going out and doing things, remaining independent and engaging in society. She has MS but it really only affects when she writes but she also has to wear depends when she sleeps because she doesn’t always have control over her bladder. I think that our design would be a good product to introduce into the merchandising industry because our set of sheets can be used not only for the elderly but also for parents potty training their children as well as in hospitals for patients. Listed below are the three theories that we used to create our product

Theory 1: Empathetic design: We want to create something that will make her daily life easier but blends into her surroundings so that it doesn’t draw attention to her MS

Theory 2: Human need (being): we are focusing on her physical and mental health, this would ensure that her hygiene remains good during her sleep and wouldn’t diminish her self esteem if she has an accident.

Theory 3: Biophilia: bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton and naturally wicks away moisture from the skin. Therefore, this is the optimal choice for our fabric

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