Blog 10

This last week was very exciting for me because I had the opportunity to present my LOLA Show topic. On top of that I truly enjoyed meeting Mr. Vincent to begin work on our final project. Throughout the past weeks I have liked hearing students present on things that they are interested in.

My LOLA show was on Saving the Bees, an epidemic that is impacting our environment and world in marginal ways. This negatively influences the human needs of today and the future, which is broader than just those of the older individual. On top of that the bees effect the fashion industry by pollinating harvests for oilseed plants like cotton and sunflower. Cotton is used in 35% of the fiber in the entire world. Without bees to pollinate the grocery market will decrease as well. The alfalfa fields also will not be grown, which is the food that cows eat. They will starve leaving humans with a high fat (pig) and high carb diet. Overall human needs will not be met and we need to take action to change this trend. This experience also helped me work on public speaking, as it can be nerve racking to stand in front of everyone and talk.

Other LOLA Shows that I found interesting included the mall that had a track for the elderly inside in order to encourage exercise. This can be connected to a lecture we had about active design. The mall also had fitness classes for the elderly and opportunities for them to interact with each other. I enjoy shopping and often feel exhausted without a track, however when I am old I may enjoy walking around a mall for exercise.

Another LOLA show that I thought was unique was the one about adaptive clothing. These clothes are created by a company that is one of the most generous I have heard of. They offer to alter clothing for free and even give away the unsold clothing to those who need it. On top of all of this, the company labels all clothing with each individual’s names.

Lastly, the Be Close home system used wireless sensory, cell reception, and other sensors to allow family members to watch their older loved ones. This project can help older individuals feel independent without having their family helicopter over their lives. The sensors go off and alert family members if something is wrong. The negative side of this system is that it can be expensive to use and purchase.

Thursday was an interesting class as Mr. Vincent came to speak to all of us about himself. His probes package was insightful in telling us that he liked listening to music, cooking, and hanging out in his yard. However having the opportunity to speak with him allowed my group to discover what we want to design for him. Some of the questions that helped us narrow down what Mr. Vincent may enjoy include questions focused on his hobbies and the art that he enjoys now. For example, we learned that he is now enjoying glass fusion over pottery. On top of that he wishes that he could garden more in Stillwater however the weather conditions and distance of plants from the home make it difficult for him to productively garden at home. One of my favorite things he talked about was the term blazer and where it came from. Queen Victoria was traveling and boarded a ship that had a crew wearing new stylish jackets. She liked the jackets and the ship was called the blazer, hence the name.  Overall this week was a full of unique class periods that I particularly appreciated.

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