Blog 10

On Tuesday we were presented with a new insightful set of LOLA shows. They were all creative and well thought out ideas and ways to help people in society with an empathic manner. My three favorites were the hospital gowns, shopping for an older generation, and lastly saving the bees. I found the hospital gowns presentation to be slightly emotional, thinking about all those patients that feel uncomfortable and violated daily while staying in a hospital receiving treatment. The Inga Gown brings those patients, especially women, privacy and comfort while they are being treated. I also loved the bees presentation because this is something I am very passionate about and aware of myself. I understand the importance of how crucial this issue is. An interesting and devastating statistic I learned was, since 2006 we have lost around 40% of our bee population… The video about the team designing and testing a robotic bee to take over the natural job to the bee was a bit scary. The idea that we are already having to create robots to complete the jobs of our natural environment should be concerning. While I am seeking out a career in the fashion and design industry, I hope to be apart of a team some day that creates a new innovative and sustainable method to save our bees.

I loved meeting and learning about Mr. Winston on Thursday. What a sweet and wise man. I feel as if I could just sit and listen to him for hours! It made me excited, as a designer… to meet our “client” and think empathically for him. Since Mr. Winston is a successful designer himself, it looks like my learning community and I have some big shoes to fill and impress!

After learning about his love for his ideas, gardening, the outdoors, creating things, being active and using his hands, we came up with the idea to build a studio greenhouse that will connect to his home. Mr. Winston has mobility issues. In that past, he has gardened some but found to not be extremely successful because of the inability to bend down, walk out to a garden and also due to the extremely different temperatures in Stillwater. After learning about his mobility issues and what he can and cannot do, we want to design garden beds and tables that he will not have to bend down for. He likes his things to be displayed for easy accessibility to everything will be hung on the walls for easy reaching. This will also be a place for Mr. Winston to store his art and special belongings. I learned during the interview that he has a hard time giving things up or away, only because it seems that he sees that beauty in everything, (what a sweet perspective). We will use biomimcry to create the building itself. It will be open so he can enjoy the outdoors, but the roof will be designed mimicking the dessert snail, which is a snail that can control its own body temperature. This will make Mr. Winston comfortable during all season of the year and help him be a successful gardener. Watching this probes package come alive was exciting, and this project will be difficult to tackle. However, like Mr. Winston stated, “If being a designer was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Which is so very true and always good to remember!

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