Blog 10

This Tuesday in class we had another round of LOLA Show presentations. My learning community got to present to the class this week over Human Needs and Older Individuals. It was very interesting to listen to what everyone researched and found on this topic. One presentation I really found interesting was the presentation about the ‘Granny Pods’. These little homes have all of the amenities that a nursing home or hospital would but make living more comfortable for the resident. The typical ‘Granny Pod’ usually consists of three rooms equipped like an apartment/hospital room with built in cameras. I believe a lot of older individuals would really appreciate and value these homes.

Another presentation I enjoyed was similar to my research called BeClose. BeClose is a technology geared towards older individuals. What I gathered from my research and noticed from many of the presentations is that older people really enjoy being independent. This technology allows them to be independent while still allowing their loved ones/care takers to watch over them. I found the presentation over Target’s new brand Cat and Jack to be very intriguing. Over the summer I worked with a company who was a direct competitor of Cat and Jack so it was interesting to learn more about the brand.

On Thursday we were able to ask our guest speaker Mr. Vincent questions for our final project. While his probes package was beneficial it did leave us with more questions about his day to day life. We found his answers to questions asked in class like, “what do you find difficult about working in your yard and what are some of your favorite activities” to really help gear us towards what we wanted to design for him. We will be using empathic design, as well as the fourteen patterns of biophilic design, biomimicry, human needs, and active design. By using empathic design we are able to empathize with Mr. Vincent and create something with his values and enjoyment in mind. Taking the fourteen patterns of biophilic design, we can create an environment that drives Mr. Vincent’s connection to nature and natural concepts. We can use inspiration from nature to create an environment that is sustainable.

I spend a lot of my time in Arkansas, and can really see a difference in how they treat the environment there and have noticed that they really take pride in unique designs and being sustainable. I was walking on a trail this weekend and saw this sign of how they used the design of this new walking trail to manage the water. I thought it was very intriguing and wanted to share.IMG_9174

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