Blog 10 DHM 4573

Blog 10



There was a lot of good points with all the Lola show, there were a few that stood out more than others. More than a patient, talked about baby boomers with chronic diseases that needed more functional hospital gowns. If you think about hospital gowns they aren’t appealing at all, with the nice open back exposing you butt to the whole world. There was a company that designed clothing that wouldn’t be as reveling and more comfortable for the patients. Grammy pods, this is an awesome idea no one wants to go to a nursing home or send their loved one there. These little houses are mobile to be moved right into someone’s backyard, for convenience for family members to keep a close eye on a loved one. The mini apartment is equipped with all the assistance for older individuals, cameras, lights, and medical assistance at their fingertips. Adaptive clothing was a neat idea, it had older individuals in mind when making their product. The clothing is made for people with arthritis, mobility and all personal needs, clothes Velcro and pull over their head. They offer zip front dresses, custom name tags and free alterations.

Mr. Vincent is a very interesting individual, I like his style and the way he looks at life. He really enjoys being outside, cooking, art, going to eat with friends, swimming, his yard and the list could go on. He spoke with us about his day to day activities, he is a very scheduled individual he wakes up the same time every day and does his stretches. The Responses he gave us helped understand his wants and needs, this applies to a lot of our loved ones too. We are going to design something that he will be able to use every day, it will make his life easier and less strenuous. We are going to use recycled materials to make our project, we are going to make it durable so it will last and not break. I’m glad Mr. Vincent took the time out of his day to come and meet with us and answer all the questions we had. He had lots of valid points that will be useful for us, he talked about how we should save 10% of all our paychecks. I think this is something that should be talked about more, some people don’t know a lot about finances, retirement, 401k, which one to pick, how much to save, insurance, dental and the fine print of jobs.

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