Blog 10: LOLA & Mr. Vincent☺

I cannot believe I am writing blog TEN! Which is the very last blog until writing our final blog. WHAT? That is crazy! This past week in sustainability, class was pretty relaxed and very enjoyable. Tuesday was a day filled with LOLA shows. I loved getting to hear all the amazing presentations from my classmates. I am truly impressed with how much my classmates have been able to teach me about sustainable products, brands, and other sustainable related topics. I definitely want to applaud Kendall Williams for doing her LOLA show on Why Your Period should be Green. That took guts to stand up there and talk about something that most people shy away from because they feel “awkward” talking about it. I applaud her courage and bravery for addressing this topic because it is something all women need to know and they also need to be aware of the alternatives. Way to go, Kendall! Another LOLA show I loved was Natalie Berg’s. She did her presentation on Saving the Bees. She taught me that bees are facing endangerment/extinction and without bees, the human race will be severely impacted. I never realized all the things bees do for us and all the industries they impact such as the fashion industry as well as the cosmetic industry. I have always been scared of any type of bug that has a stinger, from wasps, to yellow jackets, to bees. After hearing Natalie’s presentation, and learning that bees are important to the environment and are facing endangerment, even though I am scared of bees, I now know not to harm them. Last but not least, another LOLA show that stood out to me was Caroline Berry’s. Her presentation was over Making Shopping Senior Friendly. As a merchandising student, one of the biggest problems I have learned about in my classes here at OSU is how many retail environments are not senior citizen friendly and it is important for us to start designing stores based on their needs. Caroline suggested a few tips that we can use when we designing stores for senior citizens such as using non-shiny floors, use better lighting, have rotating shelves, automatic doors, wider aisles, and provide store wide quiet hours. Caroline also showed us a video of a store in Japan that has created an amazing environment for older individuals by holding social events, having a track for them to exercise, providing food and beverages as well as games they can play together. I loved seeing how happy these older individuals were and it shows that store design can truly impact an individual’s life in many ways. I hope stores like the one in Caroline’s video becomes more popular and will start to be adopted worldwide. On Thursday, we dove headfirst into our final projects. We had the amazing opportunity of meeting Mr. Vincent and getting to ask him questions about his life and daily habits. I loved getting to have a chance to talk to him after looking over his probes package because my learning community definitely had a lot of questions for him! My learning community had previously talked about designing some sort of greenhouse type space for him to garden as well as do other outdoor hobbies. Getting to talk to him reassured us that we were headed in the right direction as well as showed us new things that we can implement into our design. Our main sustainability theories we will use in our final project are empathic design, biomimicry, and biophilia. Empathic design is an obvious yet important theory. Since we are designing our product for a specific individual, it is important that we understand the individuals needs and wants in order to create the perfect space for him, which is a great reason why we took the opportunity to meet and interview Mr. Vincent. Relating to biomimicry, we want to design our greenhouse in a way that mimics nature. We want our space to have a roof that opens and closes based off of the weather. This will mimic things found in nature such as morning glory flowers, which opens and closes based off of sunlight. Lastly, our greenhouse will use biophilia by creating a visual connection with nature, having thermal and airflow variability, as well as having a material connection with nature. I am honestly super excited to move forward in designing our final project for Mr. Vincent and I know the girls in my learning community are as well. I love that we are all excited about our final project instead of being worried or stressed about it like how we are in many other classes.

Here’s to my last few weeks of school, EVER! 33 days until GRADUATION. GO POKES! 🙂

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