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In this last week of class, the remaining half of “The Eleventh Hour” was played.  This movie emphasized problems occurring on our planet today.  The issues that the video emphasized were ones such as global warming, the effects of fossil fuels, waste, and suggested different methods for solutions to these problems.  Different solutions for this problem include simple tasks such as recycling, raising taxes on fossil fuels, and even moving away from using fossil fuels.  In my opinion, it would be unwise to move away from the use of fossil fuels as it would #1, put hundreds of thousands of people out of jobs and cost the government and other companies millions of dollars to replace or convert everything that already uses fossil fuels.

In addition to the discussion of solutions related to these issues, it talks about how we can solve a lot of these problems by being more efficient.  This is in reference to the ways people hope to evolve our culture into a more waste free environment.  Reducing the amount of waste that is produced by textile production, and other industrial places will help save money and it will be more environmentally friendly; an efficient society would be a cleaner society.  

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