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This last week in wicked problems we discussed the argument of whether the market works better than the government at transitioning to sustainability. I was glad that I was assigned the ‘No’ side of the argument because I believe the government is better at it. The government has power over almost everything in the United States and they can make people change to green building by giving them money to do so or saying that the way their buildings are right now are not sustainable for the earth. Buildings use up so much energy and we don’t even realize it. Buildings are responsible for 65% of electricity consumption, 65%!!! That is so much energy being used!! Because if you think about it, we need energy to power the lights, water, air conditioning, etc.

Something they talked about in the article was switching to using the sun for energy. The sun is full of energy, so I don’t see why we haven’t started using that for all of our energy already. Its sustainable and practical. Another thing is the cost of green building. Yes, it is far more expensive to be sustainable, but it is definitely worth it if that means we are saving our earth! People don’t care enough about our planet and it makes me so sad. There are so many solutions for all these problems we have been causing, but not very many people are doing anything about it.

We watched the last part of the 11th hour on Thursday in our last class and it made me feel very hopeful. There is a solution for every wicked problem that we have talked about. It is just a little costly and we’ll actually have to do something about it instead of being lazy and not. They also talked a lot about switching to solar panels for energy in the movie. Solar panels are such a good way to provide energy for buildings.

I thought it was interesting when they talked about the building on a university campus that was created like a tree. If more people made buildings like trees we would live in a much more sustainable world. I wish everyone could take this class so we could actually try and make a difference. It’s sad because there are only around 20 people in our class and 20 people cannot make that much of a difference. For example, if I were to recycle everything that I use, but everyone else around me wasn’t recycling, that would mean that my recycling was basically pointless. It’s a sad way to think about it, but its true and that’s what is happening in the world. Not very many people care about recycling or even think about it.

If this class were required, all the people that don’t care about our earth would realize that we are using up all of our earth’s resources and that we are eventually going to run out. This earth is not going to last forever. We will ruin it if we keep doing what we’re doing. This is why I loved the last day of class because it showed us all the things that we can do to make our earth last longer and how we can save our beautiful planet. I’m glad that I took this class because it has made me so much more aware of the problems that are happening and if I’m not aware, then how can I help? I am changing my ways and I am going to care about this planet and help make it better.

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