Green Construction

Leigh Fletcher is all about green buildings and promoting the government to hand out incentives to get contractors to want to go green. With buildings alone using about 65% of electricity consumption there is a huge drive to create green buildings. They are also pushing for both local and state governments to adopt both ordinances and policies that are encouraging or even mandated green buildings for both residential and commercial use. LEED is also another way that is encouraging or giving a friendly push towards green buildings. They have three categories for which they can receive an incentive. They are anything from receiving a grant of $15,000-25,000 is the developers meet a minimum of requirements set by LEED, tax credits for developers and purchasers to go green, and authorize development fast track building permit. These again are all ways to get both commercial and residential developers to go green.

I think there is definitely the right idea behind this program and how they plan on making sure there is an abundance of green buildings within an area, but I do not believe that the government should have full control of this situation. There needs to be a limit where the government has control and then companies have the remainder of that control and almost function under a checks and balances system. Because both ends are going to work to gain something out of this situation for themselves and everyday citizens may get lost in translation for what is best for them and what they want. But with these incentives there may be an increase of going green when it comes to building and construction which would be extremely helpful to our environment and electricity consumption. 

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