Last (10th) Blog!

It’s our last blog!!! (Minus the final, of course) This week has really opened my eyes to just how short of time we have left! In week 12, we listened to LOLA Show’s – one’s that were really interesting and really good! A few that I really enjoyed were the Granny Pods, Elderly Shopping in Tokyo and the Walmart Uber.

The Granny Pods are something that I would LOVE to do for my mom someday. I am not a fan of nursing homes, plus they are just so expensive and uncomfortable for the elder. I don’t think I could ever put a loved one in a nursing home unless absolutely necessary.  The Granny Pods are like tiny homes that can be built on to your family home but gives the elder freedom and independence. It is set up like a hospital room with all the amenities and lined with cameras and sensors so the family can watch over them. The cost of these pods range from 100K-250K – nursing homes typically run 5K/month, from my knowledge, so I definitely think it’d be worth the money.

The Elderly Shopping in Tokyo was so interesting. They created an environment for elders in a shopping mall that accommodated their needs. It opened early and provided them with exercise classes, a walking trail, rehabilitation areas and massages. It is created for a specific target market which satisfies a lot of their needs, such as signage, lighting, magnified glasses, etc. They are able to come together and enjoy the presence of others and it gives them a place to be excited to go to. I think this would be a wonderful thing to bring to the US, if they haven’t already.

Walmart Uber is so cool. I loved the video Riley showed to go along with it with the Ubers and giant fruits on top of them. This is kind of a step up from the Pickup business Walmart has – because with this, they bring the groceries TO you. People with mobility or vision problems or have trouble reaching/bending can really benefit from this if they aren’t feeling up to making the trip or don’t have anyone to go to the store for them. Walmart really figured out a way to compete with Amazon and how they deliver right to your door and they have created an online ordering system catered to all.

Mr. Vincent is SO fascinating. I am so glad he got to come to class and visit with us. By looking at his probes package, we discovered he really enjoys the outdoors. He has a lot of things going on in his yard and seems like he takes on a lot of projects. He also enjoys art, glass and pottery. After visiting with him, we discovered there’s really not that much he CAN’T do. He’s still very independent, but does have some help with outdoor things that he cannot do. He says he used to garden and enjoys doing it because it’s good exercise, but the Oklahoma weather makes it hard to keep his veggies alive. He does have herb potted plants right outside his front door and enjoys the convenience of stepping right outside for his needs.

For Mr. Vincent’s convenience, we are creating a greenhouse/studio for him that attaches to his house. It will have raised flower beds inside that will prevent him from having to bend too much and because it’s attached to his home, he doesn’t have to go too far to get what he needs. He still seems to be very active in hobbies, so we also wanted to create a room where he can make pottery, art, paint or fused glass. He is a very experienced and smart man and gets inspiration from travels, people, music and past experience so to give him his own area where he can showcase his skills and the things he loves would be so special.

The sustainability theories will be empathic design, biomimicry and biophilia. Empathic design to help cater to his needs and make things easier for him. Biomimicry with the building of the greenhouse – possibly by mimicking a morning glory where the roof can open and close during certain times of the day. And biophilia to incorporate nature and space.

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I am a senior Apparel Merchandising major at Oklahoma State University graduating in December 2017!
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