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On our last week in wicked problems we disused the arguments in whether or not the market works better than the government at transitioning to sustainability. I was on the “NO” end of this argument. We had to argue that the government works better at transitioning to sustainability. No matter where you go the government has the most say whether we like it or not. We need energy for mostly everything we need to survive with like water, electricity, air-conditioning, etc. In a snap of a finger if the government says to change a building or anything in that matter it will be done. WHY? Because the government said so.


On our last day which was on Thursday we finished up watching the 11th hour. It actually made me think about things a lot more. It may be hard or difficult to come up with a solution but if you really think into it every wicked problem has a solution. One thing I really liked in the video was when they said we can make building like trees. Who would ever think of that one might think. This just makes you think about all the things you can change in the world for the better and that amazes me.

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