Lola Show Fun

During the Lola Shows this week, I enjoyed the virtual reality presentation as it pertains a lot to the design industry.  I think that this could be a very helpful tool when it comes to showing clients what a space can actually look like, because they are able to stand in a room that could actually come to life.

I enjoyed the talk about grocery stores for elders because it put into perspective how shopping can become more difficult as we age.  While this is not something that we would consider now, it will eventually happen to all of us.  It makes me think about design and how what I can make can impact a whole future.

I like the idea of the elderly malls that was talked about during one Lola show.  The idea that a mall can be made for elderly adults was really interesting as it is not something that is normally thought about when it comes to designing a space that is like that.  I like the originality of the idea and thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating ideas for new spaces.

When it comes to the final project I am really excited about this.  The probes package was a little more informative than the ones that we viewed from our own classmates which was really nice.  We had a lot to work with from seeing how he enjoys art to being outdoors.  He seemed like a very independent man, which actually made designing something come easier as we did not have to worry about much when it came to making things.  We gathered that he liked art and we thought that he would possibly enjoy a product or a space developed for that part of his life.  After doing our interview with him, we changed our thought to something a little different as we found out that he enjoys pottery and glass working as opposed to painting like we were originally thinking.  I know that we were wanting to make something that was more of an activity at first such as a class or a work shop but after our discussion with him we knew that this was not going to be something we thought he would love.  We decided to not go this route because we honestly could not come up with any really great ideas that kept our interest or would pan out into something that we thought he would actually enjoy using.

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