Markets vs. Government the Never Ending Fight

Government and industry play different rules in our society. You would not see industry creating laws and vice versa. There is a lot of disagreements on who should be in charge of creating a better future. Some would say government because they have the power to make laws and make everyone follow them. But those people do not realize the extent of influence industry can have on the economy. Industry and markets can adjust the benefits that come from living a more sustainable life based on their region. Some areas may not need as much assistance or a huge push for change as others so the markets will be able to better cater to their region so that places that need more of a financial assistance can obtain that. Government can force certain levels of certifications to be met but we will still have an issue of cost. Everything cost money and a lot of people cannot afford these costs. But there is one major issue with markets controlling everything and that is every state would be doing their own thing and there would be no unity in the world. Personally the lack of unity would be worth it. The quicker turn around, the ide of trying new things, making more empowered companies and directly effecting the economy.

We have to take risks to accomplish things that were once unachievable. Many people shy away from this because it is in our nature as consumers to stick with what familiar and run with that. But we have to step out of our comfort zones to better our worlds, our lives, and our environment. It is a necessity to do something at this point. We can no longer keep our old ways otherwise global warming will win and human kind will suffer in the long run. So we should address this situation in a federalist way where markets control the limits and set a certain degree of greenness and government keeps an eye on them and making sure things are moving in the right direction and step in f and when needed.

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